definition of budgeting by different authors

To reduce this problem, some companies periodically revise their budgets to keep them closer to reality, or only budget for a few periods into the future, which gives the same result. Another option is to use a flexible budget, in which variable costs within the budget are modified based on the actual sales levels experienced during a reporting period. Yet another way to improve budget outcomes is to aggregate line items within the budget.

By planning financials in advance, you can determine which teams and initiatives require more resources and areas where you can cut back. A basic budget consists of projected income and expenses for a given period . After expenses are subtracted from projected income, the leftover money can be allocated to projects and initiatives, ensuring you’re not planning to overspend. Professional financial planners recommend sticking to budget benchmarks for each category in your budget. These benchmarks are designed to help individuals from over or under spending in a category . For example, if a person was spending 20% on food a month, that would be over the recommended amount to spend for food.

Difference between Budget and Forecast

Some investors may ask for your current budget to see your predicted performance and priorities based on it. It is specially useful to management for long-term forecasting. Under this method, profit is considered to be equivalent to cash.

definition of budgeting by different authors

It is framed in advance keeping an eye on a future plan of action. If the budget target sets are challenging to achieve, it demotivates employees. It is easy to change the budget if any unexpected event occurs.

Why Sit on All that Cash? Firms Uncertain on Cost of Capital

Functional Budgets relate to functions of the business such as product sales etc. In other words, Functional Budgets are prepared in respect of various functions performed in a business. We will not go into the details of how sales forecasts are made. This is a subject that is most definition of budgeting by different authors appropriately covered in marketing courses. Master Budget is the summary budget incorporating its component functional budgets, which is finally approved, adopted and employed. The final integration of all functional budgets by the Budget Officer provides the Master Budget.

definition of budgeting by different authors

What is budgeting by different authors?

Koontz and O' Donnell define, “Budgets are statements of anticipated results, in Financial terms as in revenue and expense and capital budgets or in non- financial terms as in budgets of direct labour-hours, materials, physical sales volume, on units of production. ”